Today is April 24th 2013. You might be asking yourself should I wait for the iphone 5s? Or Whatever they’ll call it….

I’ll never forget the day the iPhone 4 saved my life. It was about 14 months ago and I believe the iPhone 4s was out at the time. I was at the bottom of Big Bear Mountain in Big Bear, CA . My gas tank was running low and my car showed that I had approximately 7 miles remaining before I dipped into the reserve tank. Why was I worried? I was worried because we had just started climbing the monstrous Big Bear Mountain hill and we had approximately 25 miles before we would end up in Big Bear. I needed a gas station! I pulled over on the shoulder and located the nearest gas station with google maps and I learned that the nearest station was approximately 14 miles away in Arrowhead. All went well, with drops of gas remaining, I was able to refill my car!

It was this experience that raised the question, is it worth having the newest iPhone? As I write this article today, I have the iPhone 5 and there is a huge difference between the 4/4s and the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is leaps ahead of the previous generations. It seems as if they were holding out several features and decided to release them all in the iPhone 5.

I highly recommend the iPhone 5 for the following reasons:

Processor – The iPhone 5 has a super fast processor. I wouldn’t even entertain the iPhone 4/4s with what’s currently on the market. The question is, should you wait for the new iPhone or go with the 5? The answer is, the processor is fast enough now, I doubt we will see major improvements in the processor speed from the newer iPhone.


Display – The iPhone 5 has an excellent display. The phone itself is thinner and lighter, the display is longer and crystal clear. You cannot go wrong with the display! I highly recommend the iPhone 5 display over previous models!


The Weight – The iPhone 5 is super light compared to previous models. The weight of the iPhone 5 is a very noticeable difference from the iPhone 4. I highly recommend the iPhone 5 as the light weight champion.


The Dimensions & Weight – The iPhone 5 is much thinner and lighter than previous models. It’s nice to have a lighter phone, the previous models feel like bricks to me now that I own the iPhone 5.


The Network – The iPhone 5 has the LTE network. I currently subscribe to Verizon and I can tell you first hand that the LTE internet connection at times is faster than my hard wired Time Warner Cable. There have been a couple of times where I needed a faster upload speed and I used my iPhone 5 as a hot spot to upload a file faster. It’s unbelievably fast, excellent improvement from the 3G of previous generations. I’m not sure it can get much better with a newer generation iPhone.


So with all that said, you cannot go wrong with the iPhone 5. If your’e debating waiting for the new iPhone, I would highly recomend checking out Mac Buyers Guide:

Mac Buyer’s Guide is an excellent resource for figuring out your Apple Device’s release cycle. Currently, the iPhone 5 is rated yellow which means we are approaching red soon. Red simply means a new cycle is due. I would estimate that we are approximately 100-160 days away from the new iPhone. If you are happy with your current phone, I would recommend waiting. If your phone plan is up for an upgrade and you feel could benefit from the major improvements, I would say BUY the iPhone 5 now. It can’t get much better from here….at least for the next couple of years. Time will tell, it always does!


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